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All media above is Copyright by Penguin Random House. Please Click here for Original Interview: Isabel Allende Opens Up About the Real People Who Inspired Her Epic Novels “Those strong women? I don’t make them up. They are all around.”  For Isabel Allende on her memories of Pablo Neruda Click here. 


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Guest at Love+Live+Life Podcast, hosted by Yuko Kudo, an artist & storyteller. Click here for her site.

In this episode, I invited Paulina Marinkovic, artist, storyteller and a climate change advocate.

Guest Bio

Paulina Marinkovic is an advocate for climate change action, a professional voice over artist, storyteller and actress. From Chilean-Croatian origins, now living in NYC, she strives to unite both worlds, the arts & the sciences, in her life and make an impact.


Comedic Story Telling for Harvard Alumni ​

A “usual day” at the spa: my massage experience during pandemic times.